Creature Comfort Pet Sitters

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
We've been in business since 1995.

Why in-home pet sitting? Why not a kennel or boarding facility?
According to the American Humane Society, "…pets are happiest when they are at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells." Plus, it's more convenient for you!

Are there any other advantages to in-home pet sitting?
Absolutely. Your pets' diet and exercise regimen is unchanged, and they receive the personal attention of our sitter(s). It also minimizes exposure to the illnesses of other animals and maintains a comfortable environment for them while you are away (which is already stressful enough for them).

What are my other options?
Family, friends, neighbors, professional boarders, kennels, veterinarian offices. 

Are other options okay to use?
In many cases, yes. But neighbors move away, family members go on vacation, kennels can be booked to capacity, and most of these options require advanced notice to arrange. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, CCPS is dependable, responsible, readily available, and easy.

How does it work?
A professional pet sitter will come to your home and care for your pet(s) while you are away. In addition, we will also secure your property every time we visit. 

What services do you offer?
We provide a variety of comprehensive in-home pet care and related services. If you can think of it, we probably do it. For starters, we do in-home pet care and oversight, multiple pet care coverage, shared pet care responsibilities, animal discharge pick-up, medication dispensing, plant watering, errand service, garbage/recycling take-out and/or pick-up, mail and newspaper pick-up, pet transportation, site security review, obedience training, and overnights. 

When can I use your services?
If you are working late, on extended travel for work or pleasure, taking a vacation, or have an emergency, we're here to help. Any time you can't care for your pet, we can.

What are your business hours?
Usual pet sitting hours range from 7AM to 9:30PM daily. But you can call us ANY TIME at 585-872-9190. If you get our voicemail system, we will contact you as soon as possible. We are constantly striving to accommodate you and your pets and insist that you call whenever you need us. We do encourage all customers (including new ones) to provide us with as much notice as possible, when possible. 

What pets do you care for?
You name it! Dogs, cats, birds, lizards, ferrets, bearded dragons, snakes, turtles, frogs, geckos, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and more!

What does a meet-and-greet cost?
It's free! This is an hour or more with CCPS personnel, you, and your pet(s) to obtain pertinent information needed to begin your service and bond with your pet. 

What is the basic sitting fee?
We charge $23 for a 30-minute visit. This covers multiple pets, mileage, administering meds, watering plants, and anything else we can do in a half-hour. If a longer visit is required, we have incremental quarterly-hour fees.

What about an overnight?
For $66, we roll a PM visit, an AM visit and a $20 sleepover charge into one!

What does a scheduled transport cost?
$23 plus mileage (up to 30 minutes).

What does an emergency transport cost?
 $30 plus mileage, (up to 30 minutes).

Are there any hidden fees or extras?
There are no mileage charges for a standard 30-minute visit, no holiday fees, no multiple pet coverage fees, no med fees.